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The following are gifts received July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. All Gifts to Caldera are greatly appreciated. To make a donation click here or call (503) 937-3061.

Oregon Arts CommissionCultural TrustFord FamilyMeyer21st Century CSC
Art WorksNational Arts and Humanities Youth Program AwardsOregon Community FoundationCollins Foundation
Spirit Mountain Community FundMiller Foundation


Individual and Corporate Support



Bill and Jane Furman

The Greenbrier Companies

David and Sherri Luhr

Priscilla Bernard Wieden and Dan Wieden

Bob and Mary Anne Woodell




Tony and Christine Arnerich/Arnerich Massena

Campbell Global, LLC

Bill and Karen Davenport

Mark and Ann Edlen

James Jeddeloh and Diane Snedecor/Dynamic Consulting


Bob and Dinah McCall

William White & Trudy Brennan



Bob and Carolyn Dietz

Kurt Lango and Jane Hansen

Barbara and Duane McDougall

Amy O’Neill and Larry Staver

Stan Renecker and Leslie Hering

Albert Solheim

Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Bryan and Jessica Wieden

Homer Williams



10 Barrel Brewing, LLC

Joan and Brian Allen

barrettSF, in honor of Dan Wieden

Tom and Martha Blessington

Jay and Teresa Bowerman, in honor of Cristy Lanfri

Tim Boyle

Richard Brown and Susan Strom

Brown & Brown Northwest

Gene and Cande Buccola

Convivium, LLC

Karrelle and Vanessa Dixon

Ted Fettig and Kregg Arntson

Global Strategies, Inc.

James Gregory

Sara Heskett

Diane and Wesley Hickey

Scott Howard and Lucy Kivel

Joyce and Alan Kaynard

Dave Lofland and Zach Stepp

Thomas Manley and Susanne Hashim

Danielle and Sanders Nye

Chris Riley

Henry Sayre and Sandy Brooke

Brad and Tiffany Schiff

Spezza Construction

Steve and Kelly Sandstrom

Don Tankersley and Mark Solon

Taylor Northwest, LLC

Todd and Lorri Taylor

Dorothy Wieden

Peter and Tamira Wiedensmith

Richard Williams and Diane Field



Ron Beltz and Jan Turner

Bigfoot Beverages

Laura Wieden Blatner and Joe Blatner

Patricia Brebner

Bridge & Burn

Rebecca and Michael DeCesaro

Carol Edelman, in honor of Dan Wieden

China Forbes

Aimee Guarriello and Michael Quesnell

Joseph Hall

Chris and Michael Hamilton

Georgia and Chris Harker

David and Terah Haslip

Margaret Heater

Susan H. Hoffman and Fred Trullinger,
in memory of Marjorie Roberts

Mike and Sue Hollern

Rod and Andrea Holmquist

Holst Architecture

Eric and Keena Hormel

Hot Box Betty

InFocus Eye Care

Interior Tech, in honor of Dennis Wilde

Mark Jansa and Fran Henry-Jansa

John and Janet Jay

Yves and Keesha Jean-Baptiste

George and Molly Kalomiris

Jon and Angela Kamen

Don and Wendy Lange

Thomas Lauderdale and Hunter Noack

Elizabeth Mehren

Michelle Meyer and Carl Behrend

Miller Lumber Company

René Mitchell, in memory of Marjorie Roberts

Melanie Myers

Mary and Wayne Normand

Northline Wealth Management

Gilbert Parker and Heather Guthrie

Todd and Mariniah Prendergast

Charlotte and Kirk Richardson

Paul Schneider and Lauren Eulau

Shinola Detroit, LLC

Betsy Skovborg

Joseph Sluka

John Smoot

Tricia Snell and Dave Clingan

Joe Staples

Jane Stayer

George Still

Mike and Jeanne Stringer

Trillium Asset Management, in honor of Emily Lethenstrom

Claudia and Graciani Valderrama

David and Christine Vernier

Carolyn Wieden

Dennis and Jean Wilde

Nancy Wilgenbusch



Allied Works Architecture

Jayson and Megan Bowerman

Business Air

Nancy Carlin and Craig Casey

Alex and Dave Carney

Steven Castellanos

Construction Management Services

Mary and David Dallas

David and Jeanne Ellis

John and Jane Emrick

Nelson and Barbara Farris

Bev and Kip Gladder

Harold Goldstein

Jenny and Tim Green

Kim Hastreiter

Gary and Judy Heck

Sandra Hildreth

Linda Hutchins and John Montague

Anne Jarvis

Kirsten and Chris Kilchenstein

Cass and David Kottkamp

Tim and Lori Larson

Wes and Karen Lawrence

Karl Lieberman

Malama Enterprises, Inc.

Josh and Jen Newton

OnPoint Community Credit Union

Cynthia Owens

Philomath High School

Elizabeth Quinn and Edward Schmidt

Bill and Lisa Scannell

Vicki Smith and Claude Burgoyne

Maddy Sprague

Nick and Kaari Vaughn

Veronica Vega

Johnna Wells



Craig Allen


Jason Bagley

Beyond the Ranch Antiques, LLC

Jeremiah Brickhouse

Tim and Monica Burdsall

Ty Buset

Deborah Correa and Mark Wilson, in memory of Elrud Havazelet

Tina Walker Davis

Robert and Rachel Fox

Noelle and Rick Fredland

Charlotte and Scott Gilbride

Neil and Diana Goldschmidt

Karl Goodwin

Renee Gorham

Bob and Kathy Grim

Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland

Monica Hayes and William Slater, in honor of Sam Hayes Slater

Joe and Nancy Hertzberg

Tony and Carla Hopson

Coby Horton

Suzanne Johnson

Al and Nancy Jubitz

Julie Keefe and John Klicker

Alissa and Neal Keny-Guyer

Amber Lavender and Joseph McCoy

Todd and Monica Looby

Shane Lundgren

Elaine and Carter Mann

Lynne McClenahan and Greg Smith

Geri and John Miner

Jan Moore

Ryland Moore

Romy Mortensen and Jade Mayer

David and Jennifer Nolfi

Susan Parker

Erin Peters and Martin Salinsky

David and Sharron Reichle

Cassondra and Mike Schindler

Michael Sugg

Anouk Tapper

Lucia Toro and Gerard Mildner

Eric and Molly Warlick

Sutter Wehmeier and Anna Bell-Hibbs

Lee Weinstein

Sara Wiener and Joanne Richter

Tricia Wilder

Vanessa and Jay Wilkins

Fran Willis and Ted Johnson

Peter Yonan and Anne Scott



Deborah Abbott

Neilson Abeel

Roya Amirsoleymani

Christine Anderson

Jen and Brett Andres


Britt Appleton

Candace and Bill Bailey

Janet Baker, in honor of Mrs. Miller

Ilyse Ball

Beth and Jesse Bambrick

Tom Becic

Jose Behar

Marie Bellavia and Cindy Lyndin

Anthony and Martha Belluschi

Karen Belsey

Lisa and David Bermudez

Cicely and Nathan Bernard, in memory of Violet Lanora Robson Bruce

Fred and Bettina Blank

Blush Beauty Bar

Colm and Adri-Ann Boer

Carol Boileau

Kelly Bolton

Kimberly Bowker

Debi and Joe Bradway

Mark Braun

Kerkyra Brock

David and Monica Brown

Mark Brown

Judith and John Bruce

Markie Burkart

Jill Burnett

Xylia Buros

Eric and Robin Busch

Walker Cahall

Ed Campbell

Analysa Cantu

Ellen Cantwell

Courtney Carlson

Clare Carpenter

Kirsten and David Carpentier

Molly and Adam Carroll

Kathleen Casson

Holly Chamberlain and Charles Mitchell

Jinnina Chiles

Cary Clarke

Christine Coffin

Ann Marie and David Coghill

Rosemary Colliver and Frank Weiss

Kelly and David Cooks

William Cravis

Jim and Joan Croteau, in honor of Bob and Mary Anne Woodell

Mary Felice Crowe

Sandy and Bruce Cummings

Ida Cunningham

Foday Darboe

Ami Davis

Mary Gage Davis

Katherine Decker

Linda and Joel Depper

Douglas and Jennifer Detrick

Kathryn Dickinson

Jeremy W. Doucette-Hardy

Brian and Mary Doyle

Elisa Dozono and Tom Tuner

Kiz and Robert Dreier

Kyler and Natalia Dressel

Pam Easterday

Rich Eichen and Suretta Geller

Miles Ellenby and Robyn Tenenbaum

Toby Ethridge

Adolph and Carolyn Evans

Richard and Ruthellen Fein

Eddie and Gloria Feinstein

Jennifer and Randy Flickinger

James Florschutz

Alan Ford

Rob Fossum

Fratzke Commercial Real Estate

Andrew Friedman

Jessy Friedt

Holly Frixione

Steve Ganey

Sandra Garcia

Ayn Generes

Raymond and Megan Ghirardo

Diane Gibson

Emily Gilliland

William Gilliland

Goldeneye, LLC

Randy Gragg

Kristen Grauer

Derek Green and Lindsay Stamm

Julie Gregory

Gary and Heidi Grenley

Bonnie Gretz, in honor of Michelle Meyer

Mary and Scott Gunther

Jason Hagen

Diane Hall

Quinton Hallett

Jackleen de la Harpe

Mary Harris

William and Elizabeth Hathaway

Regina Hauser and Chris Carson

Heirloom Floral

Cristina E. Himes and Tod S. Heisler

Deborah Hodges

Ted Hogan

Jerry and Pamela Hogeweide

Jack Honzel

Sheryl Horowitz and Larry Knudsen

Julie Hotchkiss

Kimberly Howard

Susan Povey Hutchison

Suzanne and Jonathan Jensen

Bryn Johns-Hunter and Nick LaRue

Benjamin Johnson

Michael Johnson, in honor of Declan and Mira Johnson

Rebecca Johnson and Lori Elkins

Thomas and Jeanne Johnson

Wendy and Roger Johnson

Martin Jones, in honor of Dylan and Trevor Jones

Sherry Jones

Sherri and Mike Jordan

CJ Joyce, in memory of Susan Deen

Jeff and Joanne Kantor

Beth Anderson Karlin and Chris Karlin

Marian and David Kessler

Keith Ketterling and Kirsten Giacomini

Janis Khorsi

Cynthia Kirk

J. Kleinstein

Adam Kling and Sonja Donohue

Daniel Koch

Kristian Kofoed

Mike and Theresa Kohlhoff

Tina Kotek and Aimee Wilson

Kelsey Kuhnhausen

Mary Beth Kurilo and Kim Jacobowitz, in honor of McKenzie Schmidt, Emily, Stephen, and Harrison

Reber, and Jackson and Jeffery Bedbury

Carin Landgren and George Pacanovsky

Debra Lane

Carrie Larsen

Mario and Rebecca Larsen

Kelsey Lawrence

Rhett Lawrence and LeeAnn Friedman

Susan Leinhart

Betsy LeVine

Meredith and Jeff Lind

Jeanne and Bob Livingston

Kathy Lombardi and Robin Friedman

Ruth Lovegren

Terrie Lyons and Delores Maggiore

Scott Mainwaring

Cherie Martchenke and Warren Maher

Juan Martinez and Byron Beck

Andrew Mason

Mike and Kat Mastrangelo

Matilda Jane Clothing

Ashton McCrate

Jamie McCreary

Kelly McDonald

Tee Mcdonald

Doug and Carey McElroy

Judi McGavin

Jack and Jan McGowan

Anne Egan and Tim McNichols, in memory of Helen McNichol and Bonnie Egan

Ryna and Ken Mehr

Leslie Lee and Dennis Meiner

Lavenda Memory

Barbara Mendius

Billy Miller

Olivia Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell

Natalie Mohrman

Jeffrey Morgan

Sara Morton and Alex Millikey

Ian Mouser and Karen Mouser-Darr

Monica Nassar

Megan Nealis

Tania Neubauer

Shauna Noah

Kathy Norton

Kandis Nunn

Cate O’Hagan

Brian and Jenni O’Keefe

Michael Olds and Gloria Borg Olds

Turid Owren

Anita Pace and Harriet Carpenter

Patti and Brian Parker

Shelley and Greg Peters, in memory of Beatrice Peters

Greg and Marie-Noelle Phillips, in honor of Michael Menashe and Guadalupe Diaz-Sesma

Nancy Pitt

Nicola Plate

David and Kay Pollack

Aaron Poresky and Yasmin Khajavi

Portland Business Alliance Charitable Institute, in honor of Dan Wieden

Paige Powell, in honor of Poe Powell and in memory of Ping Powell

Anne Prescott

David and Reegan Rae

Erin and Brent Rankin

Andrea Reed

Jamie Rixie

Linda Robinson

Terence Rokop

Martine Sacks

Dan Saltzman

Susan Savard

Robert Schlichting and Michele Miller

Chuck and Patti Schlimpert

Dillon Schneider

Marilyn and Steven Schulz

Lorah Sebastian and Donald MacLane

Rebecca Semper

Jocelin Shalom

Marion Shimoda and Phil Ricker

Brittany Shreiner

Susan Shugerman and Joseph Mann

Arvie and Julie Smith

Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Sordyl

Robert Speltz and Dwight Adkins

Bob Sprouse

Lynne Stahl

Marna Stalcup and Tim Drilling

Loralee and Read Stapleton

Greg Steinke

John and Maggie Stott

Chantal Stroebel

Joanne Sunnarborg

Linda Swanson-Davies

Pradeep Tempalli

Brian Thomson

Dan Tidwell and Anne Mansfield

Marc Timm

Moira Tofanelli

Dave Trost and Amy Solana

Beverly Trover

Madeline Turnock

Jeanne and Gary Tyler

Elia A. Unverzagt

Kevin Valk

Rod and Ann VanAllen

Kath Vandewater

Jane Vogel

Janet Voss

Janae Waddell

Bill Wadhams

Diane Walton

Donna and Dennis Weber

Amy and John Weinsheim

Cherie Weintraub

Michelle Weisenbach

Rachel Welsh

Emily Weltman

Barb and Don Welty

Dana Whitelaw and Jason Albert

Sherrie Wieden White and Mike White

Ben Wiedensmith

Shirley Williams

Thomas and Anne Winner

Linda Wisner

Gary and Katie Withers

Chalayane Woodke and Brian Averill

Barney and Morri Wyckoff

Valerie and Jeramy Yost

Justin Zipser

Grants and Government Support


Duncan and Cindy Campbell of The Campbell Foundation

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

The Ford Family Foundation

Meyer Memorial Trust

National Endowment for the Arts

Oregon Arts Commission

The Oregon Community Foundation

Starview Foundation



The Casey Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Clabough Foundation

The Collins Foundation

Concordia University

The Bill Healy Foundation

The Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation

James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation

National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards

Oregon Cultural Trust

Roundhouse Foundation

Teller Tykeson Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Vibrant Village Foundation



City Ranch Fund

The Echo Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The H.W. and D.C.H. Irwin Foundation

Robert D. and Marcia H.  Randall Charitable Trust

Regional Art and Culture Council

Renaissance Foundation

The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Trust Management Services

Tykeson Family Charitable Trust

Ward Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Juan Young Trust, Eastern Division



Autzen Foundation

The Gun and Tom Denhart Family Fund

First Story

The Jackson Foundation

Mancini Charitable Foundation

Starseed Foundation

Sustainable Arts Foundation

Charles J. and Caroline Swindells Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation



Bluestone Foundation

Clarke Family Foundation

Demorest Family Foundation

The Gary and Eileen Wehrle Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Keeping the Arts

Lora and Jim Meyer Family Fund

Ward Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, in memory of Marjorie Roberts



Amazon Smile Foundation

Colcannon-Lucero Fund

The William Diebold and Deborah Freedburg Fund

The Dobey-Cole Endowment Fund

Kathleen Lewis Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Mathews Family Fund

Pew Charitable Trusts

William L. Price Charitable Foundation

Russell Colgate Fund

U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp Foundation


Gifts In-Kind and Special Support

Alaska Airlines

Andie Petkus Photography

Pamela Hulse Andrews


Tony and Christine Arnerich

Atelier 6000




Cindy and Duncan Campbell

Cascade Arts & Entertainment

Dave Chen/Patton Valley Vineyard

Jinnina Chiles

Custom Wine Marketing, LLC

Kathy Deggendorfer

Deschutes Brewery

Alex Diestra

Discover Your Forest

Karrelle and Vanessa Dixon

Dynamic Consulting

Edwin Brown Education Center

Myrlie Evers-Williams

John Flannery

Dione Forster

Noelle Fredland

Friends of Trees

GP Kitchen Café & Catering

Jenny Green

Julie Gregory

Diane Hall

Juli and Ramsey Hamdan

Georgia Harker

Margi Heater

Henry Brown Interiors, Inc.

Karen Hinsdale/The Cellar Door

John and Janet Jay

Joint Editorial

KBOO Radio 90.7 FM

Julie Keefe

Ken Wright Cellars

Tadzio Koelb

Kriya Krisnabai-Gitanjali

Cristy Lanfri

Lange Winery

Thomas Lauderdale

Wes and Karen Lawrence

Catón Lyles


Elaine Mann

Barbara and Duane McDougall

Judi McGavin

Tasha Miller

René Mitchell


Mt. Hood Community College

Hakim Muhammed

The Museum at Warm Springs

Chuck Newport

Mary Normand


Oregon State University – Cascades Campus

Papa Bear & Moonflower

Platt Family/Andina

Portland Art Museum

Portland Community Media

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

Portland Trail Blazers

Elizabeth Quinn and Edward Schmidt

Rogue Ales and Spirits

Root Pouch

Sisters Folk Festival

Sisters Ranger District – Deschutes National Forest

SOHO Grand Hotel

N. Robert and Barre Stoll

Amanda Stuermer

Sun River Nature Center

Sunset Soiree/Matt Neltner

Eileen Threefoot

Trout Unlimited


University of Oregon

Chris VanDyke

The von Trapps

Jody Ward


Wieden+Kennedy Studio

Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden

Peter Wiedensmith

Dennis and Jean Wilde

Nancy Wilgenbusch

Willamette Wine Storage

Robert and Mary Anne Woodell

World Muse


Corporate Matching Gifts

Apple, Inc.

Brooks Resources

Cambia Health Foundation

Lange Winery

NIKE Employee Matching Gift Fund

Macy’s Employee Giving Program

Meyer Memorial Trust

Nuveen Investments

The Standard Employee Giving Campaign Employee Donations



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