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Friends of Caldera: Show Your Support By Donating Today!



Caldera turns TWENTY this year! What started in 1996 as a small arts camp in the Central Cascades, is now a thriving year-round community that’s supported over 2,000 youth in finding their voice and creative power, developing confidence, and carving out futures where they add deep value to every community they touch. 


As Caldera Alumna, Lulu puts it:

“As a kid, I didn’t realize the importance of one hour a week. Now I understand the impact it had on my entire life… 

…When you think about all the different roles at Caldera, we’re all there for a purpose. It’s about building a community so we can support each other in the capacity we deserve.”


As we reflect on twenty years, we thank you for the important role you’ve played as a member of the Caldera Community.  We also ask that you donate today (by clicking on the blue DONATE button in the upper right corner of this webpage) to ensure that twenty more years of mentoring through art, nature, and community are possible for young people like Lulu. Gifts of $100 or more, received by June 30, 2016, will be matched by a generous grant from the Lucinda Roberts Memorial Fund up to $25,000. 


Together we can inspire new generations of powerful, creative voices. 



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